Cross-Platform Scalability | QoS | Flexibility

SBL's semiconductor and embedded system design services cover all functional areas including design creation, prototype development, mass production, and maintenance

Compliance | Cost Savings | Customizations

SBL offers a full range of Automated Test Equipment, Production and Deployment, and Environmental Qualification Testing Services

Global Business Footprint | Proven Expertise

SBL's happy customers span across several industry verticals

About SBL

Since 2012, SBL and its pool of talented design engineers have been assisting global corporations with outsourced services across Embedded System Design, Automated Test Equipment, Semiconductor design, Production and Deployment, and Environmental Qualification Testing Services.

From elementary boards to extremely complex systems, our engineers successfully undertake design and development for high-precision analog, High-speed digital, mixed-signal and RF design circuits.

Target Industries

With 15+ years of cross-industry experience, SBL has undertaken several complex, time-intensive back-end outsourcing projects, besides successfully completing the highly technical jobs of chip design, product testing, and precision manufacturing. Our client-base can be broadly classified into the following domains: